Our History

The Peterborough Naval Veterans’ Association was launched on November 24, 1947, at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall in Peterborough, Ontario. Its membership comprised former members of the Navy who found it difficult to turn their backs on the camaraderie that had held them together during the difficult years of World War II. Soon after, the new association acquired a seven-acre property on the point formed where Meade Creek flows into the Otonabee River and was incorporated as the Peterborough Naval Association under letters patent in 1953. A modest clubhouse was erected and a small drawbridge connected the grounds with the end of Whitlaw Avenue.

Through the post-war decades, the club struggled to remain viable. A Naval Reunion organized here helped to spark the formation of the Royal Canadian Naval Association with its many branches across the country. In the 1980’s, a strong effort was mounted to provide funds for a permanent building for the club’s activities, assisted by the award of a grant from Wintario funds. This led to the construction of Admiralty Hall, a large structure that provides rental space for banquets, receptions, and dances etc. The club’s Ladies Auxiliary caters for these events and have earned an enviable reputation for their good food at competitive prices.

By 1990, the club’s finances allowed for planning and the eventual construction of a new permanent clubhouse near Admiralty Hall, so that the members could continue to enjoy the fellowship which first attracted them, while the Hall remains accessible to the community and private clients as a “for hire” facility. Both buildings have well-furnished kitchens and bars, and operate virtually independently. By arrangements with the City of Peterborough, an ample parking lot is located adjacent to the footbridge.

The Peterborough Naval Association is active in raising money for many local charities, and also in aiding and encouraging the activities of Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps 112 Howe. A small scholarship is available annually for a deserving graduate of the Corps.

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